Welcome to DolphinWise.org

The name DolphinWise was born in 2001 after reading about the intelligence of dolphins and their ability to sense what areas of a body a person needed healing on. I had birthed my first child the year before and was on my way to becoming a doula so I had been reading everything I could get my hands on about birth, midwifery, and craniosacral therapy. During this quest to quench my thirst for knowledge in birthing and natural ways to help heal I read about a facility that has dolphins enter into tanks that people float in and while in the tank they nudge the areas of the body that need healing and people report that it works.  It was the beginning of a journey to learning about energy healing and that evolved into studying homeopathy with the Texas Institute for Homeopathy. After attaining a 4 year degree in homeopathy, I set out to "heal the world" and along the way I have learned so much about a wide range of energy modalities that I want to share my experiences so that others might benefit from my experiences.

I offer training in Homeopathy and wish to share my enthusiasm for this fascinating science with whomever wants to listen. Check out the Courses page in the menu above.