Acute and Constitutional Consultations


Our passion is solving puzzles with Homeopathy. We offer energy healing options as well and look forward to tailoring a plan to fit your needs.

Constitutional Consults

We offer Constitutional Consults (the kind of consult where the mental, emotional and physical levels are addressed). These consults can take 1 1/2 to 3 hours. For Adults, there is a 28 page questionnaire that you are required to complete prior to scheduling of appointment. The cost is $350 and we do offer payment plans. Contact us if you are interested in Constitutional Consultation. For Children, the cost is $175 and there is a 10 page questionnaire that you are required to complete prior to scheduling of appointment.

Contact info:

Vikki Mitchell - (971)998-3334 phone/text or email
Kelsea Vanhoose - (940)229-8126 phone/text or email
Vonette Thorner - (512)605-7755 phone/text or email

If you’ve messaged one of us and we have not responded within 15 minutes, message the other. We are in practice together so we do share your information to be able to back each other up.

ACUTE CONSULTS - CALL or TEXT CYGNUS @ 512-757-6424 (8AM-6PM Pacific M-F, & Sundays, NO Saturdays) CALL or TEXT VIKKI 6PM-8PM Pacific all days. And anytime after 8AM Saturdays.


Note: we have implemented a new policy for after hours contact (times are Pacific Time)
Texting/Facebook Messaging after 6PM and before 9PM expecting response same day: $30
Texting/Facebook Messaging after 9PM expecting response same day: $60

Monthly Subscription Option

Now offering monthly health maintenance subscription plans.
Subscribe and pay one monthly fee no matter the number of times you need our services, unlimited texting/messaging during 10AM-6PM Pacific time business hours included.

For established clients who have had their constitutional case done previously, we offer a $60 individual or $90 family option. For new clients whose constitutional case will be included with the subscription, we offer a $90 individual or $150 family option.

Plan options

We love the challenge of a good puzzle

Homeopathy takes into account the whole person, the mind, body, and spirit. When people come for consultation, it is usually because they are missing a piece to their puzzle.