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This course is focused on providing birthworkers with the knowledge they need to use homeopathy for pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum

We have helped numerous women avoid transfer and/or c-sections through the use of homeopathy. Come join us and learn how you can reduce complications and transfers within your practice.

This 1 Year Course is presented online. All classes are webinars and are recorded for your convenience in case your schedule conflicts keep you from attending the live sessions.

We are pleased to announce this  1 year course - here is the schedule of classes

5/5/2021 Birthworker self care
5/19/2021 Infertility
6/2/2021 Cell Salt Protocol
6/16/2021 Morning sickness/nausea
7/7/2021 Q&A
7/21/2021 Annoying Pregnancy Issues (Hemorrhoids, restless legs, cramps, nasal congestion, etc)
8/4/2021 GBS/BV/Yeast/UTI
8/18/2021 Weird itching/ICP/Rashes
9/1/2021 Addressing old trauma that can prevent smooth pregnancy, labor and birth
9/15/2021 Q&A
10/6/2021 Symphysis pubis dysfunction, back pain, pain mgmt
10/20/2021 Pre-eclampsia, puerperal eclampsia, vicarious hemorrhage and anemia
11/3/2021 Pre-term labor
11/17/2021 Prolapsed/prodromal labor
12/1/2021 Q&A
12/15/2021 Overdue options
1/5/2021 Induction management
1/19/2021 Postpartum hemorrhage
2/2/2021 Dystocia/Breech/Transverse lie
2/16/2021 Q&A
3/2/2021 New issues- blue, yellow skin, low muscle tone, behavioral issues
3/16/2021 Issues of the breast - lactation, engorgment, clogged ducts, mastitis, etc
4/6/2021 Maternal exhaustion
4/20/2021 Mood/postpartum depression


Vonette began learning about homeopathy after the birth of her son in 2002 and found that she had such a passion for it, she wanted to pursue it as a career. Formal training began in 2005 and she graduated with a 4 year Degree in Homeopathy from Texas Institute for Homeopathy in 2009.

Vonette's training was multi-faceted with emphasis on Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method and Divya Chhabra’s Free Association Method as well as Classical Homeopathy and Philosophy. After graduation, Vonette became the manager of the WholeHealthNow Book Division and had exposure to a vast amount of homeopathic books, journals and magazines as well as homeopathic analysis software and she freely shares that expertise with students. Vonette has previous teaching experience with Life Energy Medicine.

Having worked as a doula for 10 years, her practice initially focused on pregnant women and grew to include their husbands and older children and her list of clients now spans all life stages.







ALL classes are online through Zoom.us and will be recorded for those who have schedule conflicts. Link to the 1st webinar will be emailed to you when you sign-up.


A 12 month payment plan of $75 per month is offered.

Each class is $50 if purchased individually, pay for the year and save $360. ($840)

Pay in Full ($840) for 1 year and save $70. 




Monthly Payment for 1 Year $75
Individual Class Purchase
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What students have to say about Vonette's instruction

I thoroughly enjoyed Vonette's course as she has an enthusiasm for learning about remedies that is contagious. She helps to bring the remedy picture to life and shares valuable clinical experience of remedy usage.

I love the course I just took that Vonette Thorner taught. She has insight and experience that helped me to see more clearly the path that I wanted to take in my own healing process. She doesn't just teach homeopathy, she teaches energy healing and while homeopathy is at the core, it is invaluable to learn Tong Ren and EFT as part of her instruction as well.

Portland, OR