Homeopathic Therapeutic Seminars

Flu Prevention and Remedies

This is a 2 hour long class that covers remedies for flu prevention and therapeutic remedies for the symptoms associated with flu, colds and coughs.

Purchase and you will be sent a link to the recorded class.

First Aid and Trauma

Therapeutic remedies for first aid and trauma situations will be covered in this 2 hour long class.

Date will be announced soon.

Teach Your Children Homeopathy

Starting November 2022



Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

This course will cover the challenges EDS presents in homeopathic cases. We'll cover the homeopathics and supplements that have had positive effects in clients with EDS.

Date to be announced

Stress Remedies

 This course discusses the increasing need for remedies to ease the effects of anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

Date to be announced

Homeopathy for Pregnancy

Working as a doula while learning homeopathy helped Vonette expand her knowledge of the remedies that are important for common pregnancy issues. This course will be useful for pregnant women as well as birth workers.

Date to be announced


One Time Payment

This option gives you a "season pass" to take any and all the therapeutic courses.

Cost: $75


Monthly Payment

This option allows you to pay a small fee every month and have access to all the seminars.

Cost: $15/month for 9 months


Pay Per Seminar

Each 2 Hour Seminar is $30. Select this option to sign up for any one class.

Cost: $30