Virus Kit

Virus Kit


The Virus Kit contains 39 remedies for all the current viruses that are trending.



Kit contents will shift as viruses present with new symptoms. A comprehensive information sheet about each of the remedies and the indications for their usage is included with the kit. Shipping is via Priority Mail and will be $9.50 to US addresses.

Contents: Ant-tart 1M, Arn 10M, Ars 1M, Bell 1M, Bry 200C, Camph 1M, Carassius 200C, Cimex 1M, Coc-c 30C, Cryptoc 1M, Cup-met 200C, Des-ac 200C, Euph 200C, Ferr-ph 200C, Gall-met 200C, Gels 200C, Hydr 200C, Iodum 30C, Ipecac 200C, Kali-m 30C, Meph 200C, Merc 200C, Nat-c 200C, Novus-cv 200C, Nux-v 10M, Phos 200C, Phos-ac 200C, Stan-met 200C, Sticta 200C, Sulph 1M, Tub 1M, Verat 200C, Vernix 1M, Zinc 200C, 3 Salts 1M, Immune Combo, Respiratory Distress Combo, Recovery Combo.

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Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in